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  1. International conferences and workshops. How it all began for me

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    02.08.2017 від Tetyana Skrypkina

    I would like to share my personal story on how it all began for me and I confidence presenting. Once …
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  2. Method – suggestopedia + video

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    14.07.2017 від Tetyana Skrypkina

    by Tetyana Skrypkina Suggestopedia is a method developed by the Bulgarian psychiatrist-educator Georgi Lozanov.  It is considered to be the …
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  3. Why students do not do their homework

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    27.02.2017 від Tetyana Skrypkina

    Yes, we all know that students sometimes do not do their homework. Here is why

  4. 3 easy ways to save time checking homework

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    20.02.2017 від Tetyana Skrypkina

    I’d like to share 3 easy and helpful tips on how to save time checking homework

  5. Why do students make mistakes?

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    15.02.2017 від Tetyana Skrypkina

    Hello fellow foreign language teachers! In today’s video I am taking about the causes why students make mistakes. Check it out!

  6. Welcome to my YouTube channel!

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    08.02.2017 від Tetyana Skrypkina

    Hello fellow foreign language teachers! When I was having my on-line TESOL course from Arizona State University, we were given …
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  7. 15 first steps to begin teaching on-line


    30.01.2017 від Tetyana Skrypkina

    Hello fellow foreign language teachers! This post is for those, who would like to start teaching on-line. I will tell …
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