International conferences and workshops. How it all began for me

I would like to share my personal story on how it all began for me and I confidence presenting.

Once I woke up and realized that I was overwhelmed with the information I know about teaching. And I decided to share my knowledge with teachers. I told my idea to everybody. In a while my friend (who owns a private English school) and she offered me to conduct a workshop for her teachers. At my first ever workshop I had 5 teachers to educate. It was challenging as I did not know that they knew and what they did not, and I had never seen them teaching. But it is always this way; you never know what your audience knows. Well, almost never. J  So I kept giving workshops and observing their teacher’s lessons for some time. And it gave me a reason to start my YouTube channel, where every week I post tips for teachers, and it is absolutely free.

Meanwhile, I found some conferences abroad, which had calls for papers and I sent them my application forms with abstracts of my presentations. I would like to mention that back then I had sent 3 requests (Austria, Moldova and Malta) and only 2 of them accepted me (Moldova and Malta). All they did not pay for my trip and my expenses but I got meaningful experience for me! And now I would like to share my experience with teachers to help them to start presenting at EFL conferences to be able to share knowledge and help other teachers!

4 months before the conference in Moldova they sent me the confirmation of my application. But of course I did not spend those 4 months to get ready J I started preparing my workshop 2 weeks before the conference.

At some point I got terrified, that I would be conducting the workshop. I analyzed what the worst things could happen to me that I might have failed. And realized that I might forget what I was going to say. So I prepared all necessary information (in bulling points), printed it, and had it in my arms during the presentation. But I was holding it only 10 minutes, as I calmed down and understood that I was confident and professional in delivering my topic.

For the workshop I had about 400 handouts, about half on them the organizers had printed for me and it was a ready relief for me, but the other part I had to bring with me. Moreover, I had leaflet forms with feedback, after my workshop I wanted teachers to fill them in for me to have feedback. Also I’d like to mention that I had to bring with me my laptop and speakers (and of course handouts). After the conference I was give two certificates – one stated that I conducted the workshop, another – stated that I attended some other workshops during the conference.

Now I am preparing for new international conferences.

The show must go on ©

If you have any questions, please ask me.

Have an amazing day!

Tetyana Skrypkina


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