How to handle long texts in class?

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13.04.2017 від Tetyana Skrypkina

by Tetyana Skrypkina

I received a question from K. Darwish, who is an English teacher in Turkey. His syllabus has a book, which is 200 pages, about 40 chapters.  So, how to handle long texts in class?

  1. Divide 40 chapters into small parts for each lesson. For example, you have 2 chapters every lesson.
  2. Pre-teach vocabulary and collocations. But not all of them, only the key ones for your students to get the whole idea.
  3. Give pictures or sentences for the students to predict and make students curious about what they are going to read.
  4. Form students into groups and ask them to read for gist, to read for core information.
  5. Each team retells the information they have read. But for it to be more interesting, they may retell from different prospective, for example,
  6. Take your class to the school yard
  7. Or make a picnic-lesson to relax and enjoy reading! J


And how do you deal with long texts?

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