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TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

The Teaching Knowledge Test, or TKT, is a professional credential that focuses on core teaching concepts for teachers of English as a foreign language. It should not be compared to the CELTA because it does not have a practical teaching component and focuses more on the specialized language and abstracted concepts of ELT than on the actual application of ELT concepts in lesson preparation and delivery. TKT assessment takes the form of a multiple choice test, made up of three modules, which can be taken together, or separately in any order.

There are 3 modules.

Modules 1–3

A test of knowledge about the principles and practice of English language teaching

TKT: Module 1
Language and background to language learning and teaching
TKT: Module 2
Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching
TKT: Module 3
Managing the teaching and learning process

Here are samples of the test:

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Also, I installed the application for my Android “Teaching Knowledge Test

I think, you will find TKT glossary very useful. I do recommend this book to get ready for the test.

P.S. This is the official website



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