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Teaching writing, using music

When your students write essays or emails, for example, in a lesson, do you play music? There are a lot of benefits. 🔸Gaston (1968) defined three functions of music in therapy: to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of personal relations; to bring about increased self-esteem through increased self-satifaction in musical performance; and to use the… Continue reading Teaching writing, using music

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Game – Soap Opera game (past simple)

Taken from the book “Elementary Grammar Games” by Jill Hadfield How to use the game Check that your students are familiar with the grammar and with the words and expressions listed. Tell them the pictures are words tell a story and that there is one sentence for each picture. Each sentence is made up of… Continue reading Game – Soap Opera game (past simple)

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20 Ways to Provide Effective Student Feedback

This article was written by Laura Reynolds Student feedback should be educative in nature. Providing feedback means giving students an explanation of what they are doing correctly AND incorrectly. However, the focus of the feedback should be based essentially on what the students is doing right. It is most productive to a student’s learning when they… Continue reading 20 Ways to Provide Effective Student Feedback

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Secondary vs Primary Research

Good evening researchers and teachers! I made a short video telling the difference between Secondary and Primary Research. https://youtu.be/sN6euFAdIC4   Stay in touch! Join my e-mail list on my blog, tetyanaskrypkina.wordpress.com See you soon!

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Grants & Prizes for EFL teachers

Hey teachers, researchers! Today I am lucky! I have found a brilliant website, where you can find a lot of information about different grants! Here are links to learn more about the Foundation’s Doctoral Dissertation Grants (DDG) program, TIRF’s Alatis Prize program, and other grant and award opportunities from like-minded organizations. I think it is a blessing to do what… Continue reading Grants & Prizes for EFL teachers

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Research. Gathering data. Audio

If you do or are going to do research, think about how you are gonna gather data. If you find audio-recording more useful, this video is exactly for you! You will find out what to expect,  how to anticipate some problems  and some tips about it! Do you like it? Share with your firends and… Continue reading Research. Gathering data. Audio